So, I’m a new father.

So, I’m a new father…

There are only a handful of life events that have such an immediate impact on your life.  Adding a child to your family is quite the change.  We had been preparing for my son Randy’s arrival for 9 months and yet there’s nothing quite like the moment your child makes his entrance into the world.


Having a child changes your perspective dramatically.  For example, I’ve always been a pretty safe person.  Many joke that I drive like a grandpa.  However, I’ve never driven so slowly on the interstate as I did when the hospital decided to release our new family of three at nearly 9 PM on a dark and rainy night.  Having all of these instincts kick in so suddenly has been quite the experience.

I now find myself six weeks into fatherhood and can’t imagine a life going forward without my little boy.  Being a dad is fun.  It’s hard work, but it’s fun. It’s also scary though as well.  Let me explain…

I’m responsible for another human life.  In many respects I have responsibilities towards other people: my wife, my family, my friends…etc.  However, they could all survive without me.  There’s nothing quite like having another person be so dependent on you.  Your list of priorities dramatically shifts to make sure that you’re meeting their needs.

What if fail? I can’t fail.  He needs me.  This can be scary.

There’s joy though too with this point.  In the same way that the responsibility to care for my son can be daunting, it’s also very satisfying.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your son who has been crying his head off because he’s hungry get that milk he wanted so bad.  (It’s like he thinks my wife and I are going to let him starve?!)  The satisfying gulps and moans he makes when he’s downing that milk (I probably make those sounds too when I’m really hungry and get to eat.) make you feel so good like you’ve done something really important.

I’m responsible for training a future adult.  Lord willing, one day my son Randy is going to be a grown man.  He’s going to be someone’s husband, someone’s father (Hey!IMG_2274
 He better be…if kids are this much fun I’m excited about grandkids one day.), someone’s friend, and he’s going to have some manner of influence over others around him.

I look around the world today and I see a downward trend in regards to people of character.  People just aren’t taught how to act.  We’re failing to teach out kids how to be loving toward others and respectful of those in authority.  We’re failing to teach our kids to grow up to be unselfish.  We’re failing to teach our kids the value of hard work and honesty.  With technological advances and changes in culture, somehow we’re failing to teach our kids the importance of family.

I’m also responsible for another soul.  Before you jump on me here…I know eventually my son will be an adult and not be under my authority anymore.  Eventually his decisions in life will be his and I won’t be able to control him when he gets out of line.  That’s the way it should be and it’s the way God designed it to be.

At the same time, the Bible has made it clear that I play an important role in the raising of my child.  There’s no way I can guarantee my child will trust in God.  However, I can guarantee that my son Randy will know about Him.  I can only hope that I’ll be able to teach him well enough that his heart will have a love for the Lord.

Just as I will face the Judgment one day, so will my son.  Just as I desire that God will find me faithful, I want so bad for my son Randy to live His life for the Lord and be found faithful too.IMG_2519

I may not care for my son perfectly when it comes to the physical needs he has. There will be times he is sick and hurt.

I may not teach my son to be the ideal adult.  He’s going to probably have some bumps along the road of life as we all do.

However, if I can do one thing right…I hope I teach him to follow the narrow road that leads to life. What if fail? I can’t fail.  He needs me.

I hope to get to share with you more experiences I have as a father going forward.  I love to write but for me the hardest part is having something to write about.  I hate writing for the sake of filling up space.  Follow my page if you will.  I hope that most of my entries will be a mixture of lighthearted moments that my son will certainly contribute content to along with life lessons and reflections that will make you think.  I am certain there’s an audience out there that can relate…

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