Fingernails and Forgiveness


Randy and me on my 31st birthday

Randy is 4 months old today! I’m actually turning 372 months today. (That’s 31 years if you were thinking too hard about that.)

Randy also seems to be a pretty good sleeper compared to a lot of the horror stories I hear.  When folks ask if he gets up at night and I respond usually “no more than once”…the immediate reaction I get is …”that isn’t bad at all”.


Randy doesn’t seem to show any partiality as of yet.  While he certainly will choose to look at his daddy or his mommy if they’re in view, he doesn’t mind being held by just about anyone.

While Randy hasn’t been able to say an understandable word, he does like to “talk” to us.  This is the nice change of pace from the screaming and crying that he normally communicates to us with.

Randy and his buddy Eliana

Randy has made a friend in our friends’ little girl Eliana.  She likes to call him “Ranny”.  I think they’re going to be good buddies.

While we do everything we can to keep Randy from being upset or getting hurt, naturally there’s going to be sometimes where we slip up.  Anytime we accidentally bump him up against something, surprise him, etc. he let’s out a scream that let’s us know he didn’t like it.

I think one of the worst feelings my wife had was the first time she cut his fingernails and accidentally cut a little too short.  I don’t recall if there was blood or not, but needless to say Randy was not a fan.  However she held him, rocked him, sang to him, tried to get him to calm….and shortly he had forgotten about the pain that was brought on him and was smiling right back at his momma.

Randy, being a little guy, easily forgets when someone has hurt him or done him wrong.  Randy doesn’t hold a grudge.  Frankly, if you give that kid a bottle he seems to completely forget about whatever happened just moments before.

If there’s anyone thankful that my little boy is forgiving it’s me.  I’m not perfect.  I’m certainly never going to be perfect towards my son as badly as I’d like to be.  Even so, the nature of a child makes it easy to forget.

I know as he gets older that he’ll get mad at me at times, he’ll probably even tell me “I hate you daddy”… but I’m thankful that kids can forgive more easily.

On the flip side, adults are really bad at the whole forgiveness thing.  Personally, I’m able to hold a grudge for a really long time.  I’m not alone in this either.  I know a lot of folks struggle with forgiveness.

In Matthew 18, the apostle Peter once asked Jesus, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me and I forgive him? As many as seven times?”

In other words, Peter was saying …at what point can I just keep that grudge with my brother who wrongs me?  I imagine if we had a brother who had wronged us once, forgiveness would be mostly easy.  However, a brother who wronged us seven times… our nature wouldn’t allow us to be as easy to forgive.

Jesus told Peter, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.”

In other words Jesus told Peter… you keep on forgiving.  We have to control our human nature to hold a grudge and be Christ-like instead.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if in regards to forgiveness we were all more like little babies like Randy?  We may have some pain when we’re wronged and be upset for a short while.  However, we move on and continue to love those that may have hurt us.

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