Longing for the Milk

It’s been a little while since I last posted.  Please forgive me for the time gap in updating.  We’ve had family emergency after family emergency.

We’ve been back and forth to my hometown to visit my side of the family a few weekends over the last month.  My dad is recovering from a double bypass surgery he had in July.  My mother is preparing for surgery to remove her thyroid due to cancer.  The outlook is good for both of them.  If you read this and are a person of faith, prayers would certainly be appreciated.

Four Generations!

We also lost my wife’s grandmother here recently.  She was 98 years old.  She was also a Christian for 86 of those years.  For most of the time I knew her, she had a great quality of life.  She consistently woke up to make coffee at 6 AM.  She was quite mobile although she had poor eyesight.  She went to the beauty shop every Friday and church every Sunday until she was too weak.  I was thankful that Randy came in time for her to get to meet him.  I pray that we’ll not neglect to share with him the strong example she was as a servant of Christ.

These different life events have put us on the road much more than is typical for us.

Randy is a mediocre traveler.

IMG_2979Expanding on this I’d say that Randy is an excellent sleeper.  That little man will sleep and sleep and sleep.  He’ll go 8-10 hours at night.  When Randy is asleep in the car, he’s an EXCELLENT traveler.  In fact, he slept about 75% of the way back home from Indiana.

The remaining 25% is a different story though.  There’s really nothing like having your little boy waking up in rush hour traffic in Nashville.  My wife will tell you that traffic drives me nuts.  Apparently Randy has inherited this trait.

I joke to people that Randy looks like his daddy but has his mom’s personality.  In other words, he’s real nice and sweat the majority of the time…until he gets hungry.  Then he’s grumpy until he gets that milk that satisfies him so much.  He’ll also get grumpy when you try and take the bottle away just for a moment if he knows that it still has some left.

Here recently he’s beginning to try and hold his bottle.  I think when he did that I became a little sad.  He’s getting bigger…and fast. I think it hit me that eventually he won’t need us to feed him, clothe him, etc.  Eventually, he won’t even need us to provide those things.  While I want him to grow and mature, it makes me sad to realize how all this will be gone so quickly.

I get a little bit of joy after he’s been crying because he wants to eat and finally gets that bottle.  He vigorously consumes it as if it could be taken away at any moment.  He looks up with eyes that say, “thank you daddy for giving me what I want”.  He also makes sounds as if he’s pleased to get that nourishment.

He’s also begun eating his first baby food.  We started with squash (what I consider the worst tasting) and then tried green beans.  The little guy is a fan of food.  Frankly, he’ll attempt to consume anything that comes near his face.


He’s not there yet, but I seriously can’t wait to give him his first french fry.

Randy’s love for eating, milk in particular, reminds me of a passage from the apostle Peter:

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation” (I Peter 2:2)

When Randy’s hungry….he craves it and wants it so badly that he’ll cry until he gets it.  If he needs that milk to fill his empty belly, he’ll cry regardless of what else you try and distract him with.  He’s focused on that milk.

That milk also helps him grow.  In 5 months, Randy has about doubled his birth weight.  Why? It’s like I jokingly tell people who comment on his growth: “It’s because he won’t stop eating.” I’m thankful for this, because if Randy wasn’t such a good eater…he wouldn’t have grown to be so healthy.

There are many ways that the inspired writers drew comparisons between the Christian walk and the character/behavior of little ones.  No doubt, Peter’s parallel here is perfect.  Everyone knows how an infant acts when he craves that milk.  He wants it so bad!

Spiritually speaking, we’re no different.  If we desire to grow spiritually and attain maturity, we too must crave that “pure spiritual milk”.  The NASB and KJV add in the phrase ‘of the word’.  The immediate application indicates that if we desire growth, we must feed our self with the word of God.

Your desire for the pure spiritual milk of the word has a direct impact on how well you grow.  If you long for spiritual things and seek to fill your figuratively empty belly with those things as opposed to junk, you’re going to much more likely to grow up to be healthy spiritually.

How is your spiritual life? Are you growing? If not, consider what you crave and make adjustments accordingly.

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