Be Watchful

I tell you what, sometimes you just get busy and don’t get to do the things that you usually are able to.  It’s been a good bit since I last posted.  In fact, you didn’t hear from me the entire month of September.  I do most of my writing early on Saturday morning and for the last few weeks I’ve been unable to dedicate time on a Saturday to write.

Over the last month or so we’ve done a little traveling, had family visit, etc.  I also had a few opportunities to teach classes at our local congregation which required a lot of time spent in preparation.  Spending time with God’s word and my family trumps a personal blog…so that’s my justification for a long time gap.


Since you last heard from me, football season has begun.  Being in the south, that’s a big deal.  We enjoy the Alabama games on Saturdays and have enjoyed mooching off my in-laws cable subscription to catch the games.  They don’t seem to mind as long as we bring Randy.

As much as I enjoy football, having a little boy has caused me to take sports a little less seriously.  To be honest with you, the more seriously others take sports…the less interested I find 


myself.  I’m learning that things I used to think were important just aren’t at all.  I have my favorite team and maybe my little boy will like the team I like, but he might not either.  Frankly, I’ll probably find myself trying to take interest in the things he likes whether it be sports or something else as long it’s righteous.  My wife and I also joke sometimes that we’ll gladly change our team loyalty to whatever school will offer our son a scholarship.

My mom and dad came to visit a few weeks back for Randy’s half birthday.  For his half birthday, they gave Randy his first Bible.  Some of my readers probably know that I’m somewhat of a translation snob, so my mom went the extra mile to find an English Standard Version in a baby size.  While Randy can’t read yet, I want him to know how important and valuable the Bible is.  I surely hope that he will read it and find the same hope that I have in Christ.

My family and I @ the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler’s Convention
My sister and brother-in-law also came to visit during the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler’s Convention.  We had a lot of fun hanging out on campus with my family and some friends from church.  Randy slept a good bit during the event, but he enjoyed getting to hang out with his aunt and uncle that weekend.  Randy usually sits in the back seat by himself so he really enjoyed all the attention he was getting with his aunt and uncle in the backseat with him.

Since you last heard from me, Randy has really taken to his walker.  We’ve also noticed that he likes to be a part of what’s going on.  It’s hard to do that in a Pack N Play or a baby swing.  He’s also really enjoyed sitting in the high chairs at restaurants and in the grocery cart seat in lieu of his infant carrier.  He wants to be where the action is.  A side benefit is that I’m no longer throwing my back out trying to carry him around in an infant carrier.


Randy really keeps my on my toes as he’s grown a little bigger, especially with him being somewhat mobile now.

When he started rolling over more regularly, he slept so well…but I didn’t.  My wife really didn’t like me at night because every time I could hear him move at night I’d ask her to make sure he wasn’t sleeping on his face.  I’m still that way to an extent. On the note of rolling, Randy will very quickly roll to the edge of our bed even if we just lay him there for a second.


We’ve also noticed that Randy is now at the age and has the capability to reach thepower outlets on the wall if he’s in his walker.  We put in outlet covers on most all of the downstairs power outlets except for those being used by electronics.  On one outlet in particular, we put a nightlight in to cover it up.  With that in mind, one morning not long ago I walked into the living room to find Randy reaching his little hand toward that power outlet.  Then I realized there was no nightlight blocking the socket and was confused.  Then I looked in Randy’s opposite hand and saw him holding the previously mentioned night light.

That little booger – you really can’t leave him alone.

Before Randy was born, a friend of ours who has both boys and girls told me that in regards to having children… you just do what you can to keep them alive.  He then explained that for boys that is harder to do than it is for girls.  I get that now.

As parents, we have to be watchful.  We don’t want our little boy to get himself into trouble and get hurt.  Being watchful though means we can’t let up.  While I try not to worry, I still am alert and tuned in to my environment to make sure that my son is safe.  We have to be alert at all times.  My wife has somehow figured out how to do this in her sleep; I think she has a superpower or something.


The apostle Peter also talks about the idea of being watchful, but in a different sense.  He says: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (I Peter 5:8)

Peter here in this passage warns us about the ultimate predator.  He is a cunning hunter that constantly looking for prey.  He’s a being that wants nothing more than to separate man from the Lord by convincing him to sin.

Perhaps the scariest reality I face as a parent is that I know that my son is not going to be exempt from Satan’s awareness.  While I want my son to grow up to be a righteous man, he’s going to be tempted otherwise.

Right now, it’s my responsibility to watch out for danger.  My son isn’t old enough to understand the dangers of this world.  Over time, I’ll teach my son about different things that can cause pain and injury such as a power outlet, a hot stove, etc.  Then as he gets older, he’ll have to watch out for dangers to avoid problems.

Spiritually, it’s not that much different.  If Randy isn’t old enough to understand the basic physical dangers of this world, there’s no way he understands the spiritual dangers we face.  I’ll be responsible for training him to be watchful for the dangers presented by our spiritual predator: Satan.

Satan is crafty.  Frankly, awareness of him makes his job harder.  He’s much more dangerous when you don’t realize he’s there.

Can I encourage you to watch out for danger?  Not just from physical danger, but from spiritual danger too.

If you have children, keep a watch out for them because they haven’t developed that awareness for danger yet.  Teach them to watch for danger so that they won’t be caught off guard due to a lack of awareness.

Be watchful; there’s a predator out there to get you and those that you love.

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